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She glances at me briefly. She adds almost apologetically, "A passion is born when you are researching a movie." "It has galvanised my passion because I believe you feel passion when connected. You can't expect others to feel or be connected until they are. "But I was also attracted to a woman whose career cost her a lot on a personal basis - and the fact that your home life can really be a disaster."

How does she balance her demanding schedule as a mother to two boys, Solo, 6 and Atom, 4, with her increasingly busy shooting schedule? Pike returns to Marie Colvin and a particular scene in which Colvin is stuck in Homs - the Syrian city under siege - as she attempts to talk to her editor via Skype. Someone offers to fix the connection before Colvin shouts, "We don’t have time!"

Pike explained: "I thought, 'That's the line I use all the time. I don't want to waste time.' But the stakes were so different." "This woman literally has no time, because her life can end any moment. We all say that we don't have enough time to finish our coffee before the taxi arrives,Franck Muller Replica Watches or whatever. The stakes and people's relationship with time are very different. It's really a philosophical debate, as to what limited time means for different people. "I feel that my busyness doesn't come into play in situations when time is really limited."

Return to the spot on that wall. Pike is wearing minimal makeup and a black woven dress that looks similar to an Alaia. She also has an Franck Muller Replica Watches on her wrist. Pike, in minimal makeup, is wearing a woven black dress that looks like an Alaia and has an Franck Muller Replica Watches on her wrist. She says that she uses the stopwatch feature of her Portugieser Chronograph regularly. She explains, "To tell my kids when to leave the park. To time speeches. When I run." Before returning to that Big Pilot, she muses on it again. It's sadly too big for me. It's worn by my partner. When the time is right, I'll wear feminine watches. But in general, my preference is for these. It's one of the most beautiful watch I have ever seen. It is understated, elegant and looks great on men.

Franck Muller Replica Watches, as a watchmaker has consciously avoided categorizing watches into men's and women's categories. I asked Pike if she also saw this gender neutrality in the film industry. Pike, the daughter of opera singers cites a recent trend in orchestral auditions that are "blind", wherein the panels do not look at the players to avoid being influenced by their gender. roger dubuis replica has been doing this when she watches films or reads books such as A Little Life by Hanya Yagihara. "I didn't know if Hanya is a woman or man's name, and I was so enjoying the book... It wasn’t until halfway through that I learned her identity. It was a wonderful feeling to not know someone's gender when you are so immersed in the world, and taken by their mind.

Pike concludes by stating that her recent work obligations have prevented her from visiting Franck Muller Replica Watches. The Banker's Wife is a new TV series that may change this, as she plans to spend a lot more time in Switzerland doing research. Pike is not only a star of the show, but also produces it. This adds a feather in her cap, and opens a new exciting chapter in her captivating story.