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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Are you buying vintage Patek Philippe Replica Watches pieces now that the museum and heritage collection are being re-emphasized?

We have certainly bought watches in the past, but it was only 15 years ago that we hired our first person to be in charge of archives and heritage. We started by curating what we had and then we bought a few pieces. We didn't pay much attention to the condition of watches at the time. Now, as we look through our collection, we notice that some watches have been restored, and they don't have correct hands or dials. We are also looking for pieces that have not been represented yet. So, we are trying to expand our heritage collection by sourcing pieces in better condition and improving the quality rather than quantity.

Would you restore a piece of furniture that isn't quite right or leave it the way it is?

In the 20th century we would have restored the piece. Today, we are trying to find the original. This allows us to tell the difference between an original and a replica that has history. Sometimes we prefer to keep the watch in its original state because it is a matter of philosophy.Patek Philippe Replica Watches You can tell that the piece has been through many ages. We may restore an item if we do not have any pieces in a brand-new condition. It's not the exact same thing for us. A restored watch won't tell the same tale as an original.

Do you have any special pieces?

It is possible to find a rectangular, perpetual calendar watch that was produced when Jaeger & LeCoultre came together. It is important to note that this piece was only produced in very small numbers, maybe just seven or eight. Finding one would be a great find. One may have appeared at an auction in Birmingham last summer, but the piece was stolen. It was returned to its owner and removed from the sale.Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica Unfortunately, we didn't get to see it. I would like to know its current location.

Stephane Belmont is the Director of Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Maison Heritage and Rare Pieces.

Many brands ignored their history in the past and focused on their current collections. Patek Philippe Replica Watches's heritage is very important.

For a company such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, heritage is key. If you want to shape the future, it is important to understand your past. To build a credible brand and create watches that reflect the values of the company, you need to be able to look back at your past. Since we began to curate our history more, we've seen the success of the business grow because we now know what we did and can build upon it.