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Revolution interviews one half of U-Boat Replica Watches following his appearance at Dubai Watch Week’s London Horology Forum.

You attended Dubai Watch Week in London. I was surprised by the quality and number of British watchmakers. What do you think of the UK watch industry today?

DWW was a fantastic initiative for the watchmaking community, and having it in London gave us a chance to show off British watchmaking. This shows that watchmaking is not just Swiss.Swiss Replica Watches It is a global phenomenon. Peter SpeakeMarin, Richard Stenning, and I were all present when the London School of Horology moved from Hackney College to Epping College. We witnessed the end of London watchmaking. The funding was removed in the early 2000s, but fortunately a group semi-retired student established the Epping Forest Horology Centre. With support from the BHI, it is still operating today as a charity.

British watchmaking has slowly begun to rise again, and we are able to use an English style dating back to pre-industrial times. We can draw on a rich history. There is no shortage of ideas or resources in the world, and you don't always need many people to create growth. A small group created the Time Aeon Foundation and has already held a number workshops in Mexico, Dubai, and the US.

You said that being independent allows you to create without having to worry about selling a product. Are there no commercial considerations at all?

No, I cannot think of any. Robert [Greubel] & I begin with an idea.Breitling Replica Watches We would not have been able to make it with our first company, the QP, if we thought about the price. Our projects must be profitable, but there are limits when there is a cost constraint. Independence is a great thing. Look at the Double Impulse Chronometer Wristwatch, which Frodsham just unveiled: it took them ten years to create it but they stayed true to themselves and did it their own way.